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Elementary School Memories

Jamie's Fears

So on behalf of a not so good memory I am trying to come up with an idea of what I would write and a thought came to my mind of one always being afraid of going to class on my own and for about the first 3to 4 years of my school days I remember always having Jodie walking me to my class and always making sure I was going to be ok, and after about 30min. into class my teacher would have to take me to find my sister and then all was better for me. Another scary memory I have is when I was in 4th grade I think, this was when we had primary after school and I was with Darci and one of her friends and we were running down the halls of Jenny P. Stewart so we weren't late for primary when out from nowhere came a teacher and said to us "are we supposed to run in the halls of the school?" she sat us down to talk to us and asked us why we were running in the halls and we told her we didn't want to be late for primary so we were trying to get out of the school she told us that the next day she wanted us to come to her class room durning our recess for our punishment I remember being so afraid to go to her class room the next day, I don't think I slept the night before
and when it was time for me to go to recess I remember going to the teachers class room and I was all by my self and if I remember right I went into her room, she left when I came in and she told me to leave when my bell rang and go back into class it was not as scary as I thought it would be but I survived that experience. Another thing I remember that relates to school somewhat was when Mom took me to buy school shoes and I wanted to get the same flowered shoes just like the ones Darci had gotten a while before, and when we came home with my new shoes Darci was so mad that she said she would never wear the shoes again and that was so rude of me to copy her Mom tried to tell her that she was in Jr. High and I was still in elementary and no one would ever know that we had the same shoes boy did she throw a fit but I think she did wear those shoes again. (love ya Darci and I will try to never buy the same shoes as you again)

Ryan's Fearsome

An Elementary School 6th Grader…….….

Many good times were had my 6th grade year, but it being winter and all I still have snow on the brain I guess so I will tell of my 6th grade winter in Mrs. Talbots class. I can remember many times playing in the school yard at recess from sledding to rolling the largest snowballs possible (pre 6th grade). Sure we were small, but I can remember rolling up huge (4ft or so) snow balls all over the soccer fields at Jenny P. Stewart Elementary. Without fail it would turn into a fort and then there were the snowball fights which without fail followed the fort building. One school year I remember (6th grade) we had gotten bored with the same old thing and decided there needed to be other ways to occupy our time. A group of us decided we would rather spend recess indoors doing other stuff – which for the life of me I cannot remember what all that other stuff was – I do remember however that we had to devise many creative ways to get into the classroom since our teacher locked the door at lunch recess, and that several times our hanging out involved raiding the teachers treat stash (hmm no wonder I have a sweet tooth).

The techniques for gaining access to the classroom varied from day to day, and were also based upon who was around. I remember for a time the best and easiest method was to put some tape over the hole that the door latch was supposed to go into. This actually worked for quite a while, but one day the teacher noticed and that was the end of that. Next we had to be more aggressive, and I don’t condone what we did so anyone who stumbles upon the West’s blog if this involved you – I am truly sorry. The other techniques usually involved leaving the window unlatched and shoving someone through the window to get in to unlock the door. This took more effort as well as time. We had some of us keeping watch for Ground Duty, and when the coast was clear 2 to 3 kids would boost someone up to the window and he would get in there as fast as he could. It was quite difficult even for us kids to squeeze through those tilt-in-windows. Some of the time there were volunteers to slide through the window, but most of the time the volunteers were only doing it to be “Cool”. It all went bad one late winter day when a male teacher from across the hall happened to catch the poor kid who got shoved through the window that day. He got in a bunch of trouble; and I am not sure teachers were allowed to, but if I remember correctly the teacher actually hit the kid. From that time on we were found out and the behavior was corrected (if you know what I mean). Our teacher later interviewed each of us to figure who was behind all of it, but I think in the end – where there were so many of us involved it was easier for her to eat lunch in the classroom and let us be in there if we wanted – of course with the teacher around we were all back to playing outside again. I just don’t recall having any harsh punishment or anything like that – I guess sometimes we remember what we chooseJ.

At this juncture I guess I cannot say that this is a best or worst memory, but rather that it was memorable. There are elements that I both enjoy reflecting on and some that only make me feel bad. I guess that is what it is all about right? A beginning to learning life’s little lessons.

Darci's Slip-up

One winter day Mom drove me to school. It was icy and she warned me not to jump out of the car and slip on the ice. I remember standing on the edge of the car door frame floor, ready to jump out of Dad’s old blue Chevelle. I think I was wearing boots with a little bit of a heel and no traction. I heard Mom, but I made my own choice and jumped out onto the icy ground. My feet slid forward and my body went backward and I fell, smacking my head on the edge of the car door frame. It cut my head open and I am sure hurt a bit, but I don’t remember that. I remember going to the doctor’s office. I think Dr. Clarke. The cut was right in the back of my head and I think they had to clip a little of the hair around the cut. They put in stitches that would dissolve on there own, so I did not have to have them taken out, and I don’t think I had to go back to school that day either.

I remember when I was in 5th or 6th grade, for Christmas I got a skateboard and a down vest. I was so excited to wear the vest and ride the skateboard to school. But, Mom would not let me wear the vest until it was at least 50 degrees. I remember calling the “time and temperature” number every morning before school to see if it was warm enough to wear my vest. It was a happy day when I finally could.

I loved riding the green skate board down our street too. I wonder now that I was brave enough to get going that fast.

I used to love walking to school in the fog. You could hear people right in front of you or behind you but not see them, like they were ghosts. It was spooky and fun. I was always a little disappointed when we got down closer to the school and the fog would be gone.

Jodie's Drama

Well, If I was not so old maybe I would be able to remember Elementary school and experiences there. However, there are just a few things
I will share. I do remember, as Jamie has shared, Mom did not want us to be together in class so we where suppose to be in different classes, but because Jamie loved me so much she was always coming into my class crying! I worked with her and she was finally able to go to class all alone.
She did great!
I also remember having a "crush" on Jeff Jones all of my Elementary years.
Eating lunch was always a treat especially if you did not like the food. Do you remember shoving food into your milk carton or stirring a whole into your peas to make it look like you ate something just so the lunch nazi would think you did and let you out to recess? Good times, huh:)
One last thing I remember was the times you did not make your bed and Mom would come and check you out to come home to make it.( you know who you are.) Ha Ha Ha Just kidding I am sure I had to come home too. Or whoever cut thier hair and did not clean up the evidence, shame on you.
If anyone remembers MY elementary school memories other than peeing in the ribbon drawer, please share them.

Shar's Buzzed

One elementary school memory I have happened in the 3rd grade. It was close to the end of the school year and we were getting ready to go to the Centerville park for a field trip. It was recess and we were all outside playing in the warm sun when I felt something crawling in my hair on top of my head. I put my hand up and shooed a bee away, but it was too late. I had gotten stung. My teacher, Miss Ellis, used a card to brush the stinger out, but it hurt like crazy. The only relief I had was putting pressure on it, so I walked all the way to the park with my hand pressing on the top of my head. I don’t remember what we did for field day, but I think I still have the stinger taped to a piece of paper in my school things.

Ty's upper-cut

I can't remember what grade I was in or my age or anything else for that matter, but I do remember very clearly that I sat behind a girl named Tera Christensen. She was ok, but kinda bugged me a little bit. I don't really know what happened to make me do this, maybe it was just that on this particular day I found her extremely bothersome. Anyhow, on this particular day, I decided to reach for my scissors and do some minor trimming. I guess she heard the scissors, and immediately jumped around in her desk and let out a scream "YOU CUT MY HAIR!!!" Now, I had not cut more than 10 individual hairs about 1/8" to 3/16" in length. I mean the girls hair was down to her butt, she wouldn't miss those teeny tiny little pieces of hair would she? Her reaction literally scared me! It was as if someone had poked her with a needle or something. Of course, teacher was right there, and here I was scissors in hand looking guilty as ever. I made my case, then we were both shuffled off to the Principle's office. As far as I remember, the principle talked to her, then to me, then to both of us, and that was that. I guess they saw that you couldn't tell where I had cut, and I was honest, so they let me off if I apologized to her which I did. Can't remember much about that elementary school experience, but who does? Honestly?

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