Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easter Memories

Quest for Easter from my memory…

So I have been trying and trying to come up with Easter memories, and as of now this has been the most difficult by far. The unfortunate thing is that I do not have anything witty and/or interesting to write about. I have elected to state the obvious and maybe continue on to a serious statement or two with regard to Easter. I remember growing up hunting for Easter Baskets, which were not necessarily very difficult to locate, but thanks to mom for hiding them anywayJ. I remember coloring hard boiled eggs and using those cool wire dippers that never seem strong enough to actually hold the egg. I remember getting some new item of clothing to wear as well and it seems like often it was some pastel color – the memory is somewhat vague, but that is what I recall. I remember going out to Stansbury Island and that I always enjoyed walking out as far as I could without the water getting deep enough to go beyond my knees or waist. It always seemed in my youthful state that I would have to walk for miles before it started getting deep, and I am sure if I went back out there now I would not even recognize anything from the years past. I remember in my slightly older years while still living at home on Easter Sunday mom elected to let me sleep in a bit. However when I awoke I would still have an Easter Basket to find, but usually it was even simpler than before (sitting right in the doorway as I opened the door of my bedroom). Most of what I seem to recall about Easter is getting candy and eating it. I remember always being super excited for Peanut Butter Eggs, Cadbury Eggs, and the Gum Eggs that lasted about as long as eating an M&M. Seriously isn’t that Gum strange – I like it, but by the time the coating stops crunching in your mouth there is no more flavor and your jaw is already becoming fatigued! Now for a couple of serious comments…We all know what Easter is all about it is a time to recall the Savior, His life, His sacrifice, and His resurrection. All of which are a demonstration of His selflessness. It is interesting to me that the holidays centered on Christ are about giving in a more temporal way yet it can teach us very valuable lessons on life. I am fairly confident that many people (and I would bet at times each of us included) would not be able to begin to comprehend such a lesson without this type of temporal interaction to teach us. Sure when you are a kid it is receiving that seems to be of the greatest concern, but without that we would have no giving which seems to become the point as we age.

P.S. If you get a couple free minutes and would like a good laugh you should search on Google for Jim Gaffigan on Holidays. He has some good commentary on Easter traditions (as well as other Holidays).

Tyler's best

My Easter memories are fuzzy to say the least. One thing I always remember, and have always loved are the Easter baskets/candy that Mom, I mean the Easter Bunny always gives me. One time I remember we were on vacation for Easter. Maybe we always went on vacation for Easter, like I said, its kinda fuzzy. Anyhow, we were on vacation, Hurricane with G&G or St. George, doesn't really matter, because all I can really remember is we were staying in a hotel/motel, and I was thinking 'hows the Easter Bunny gonna know where we are?' Back then, Easter was almost like Christmas, ironic? I think not. Ha ha. You know how in hotel /motels, the sink isn't in the bathroom, rather just outside so someone can brush their teeth while someone else is using the toilet, and its not weird? Well, it was under that very sink that the Easter Bunny left the baskets. I remember being stoked that we hadn't been forgotten. and that's really all I remember, but I do remember it being good.

Jamie's Memories
So I am finally getting around to my Easter memory: I remember always going out to Antelope Island with the Z's and there cousins and we would fill up plastic easter eggs with coins and then the Moms would go and hide them in the sagebrush bushes and we would all go out looking for as many eggs as we could find. after the egg hunt we would all roll up our pant legs,(cause we would have to wear long pants! )and go out in the yucky salty water and we would go out in the water as far as we could and we would stick to mucky bottom of the Great Salt Lake then we would be itchy from the salty water and travel all the way back home. One of my favorite memories was when we would search for our easter baskets, I loved the plastic easter bunnies that were filled with jelly beans!!!
I don't have many other memories but I'm sure the rest of you all have some good ones.

Easter Memory

I remember one Easter, like this year that it fell on General Conference weekend. I remember lying on the floor in the living room listening to conference and eating candy from my Easter Basket. This must have been a very SPECIAL occasion for us to be eating candy in the living room. I think this is also the same year that I got sunglasses in my basket. I remember being very excited about them.

Another Easter memory is going to Stansbury Island “Eastering” with Zwahlen’s. One year in particular I remember walking with Amy and Laura Arbon out to the Great Salt Lake. I think we walked about three miles and maybe had water up to our ankles. I remember it being cold, but sunny and we were determined to “lay out” and get a tan. Presumably so we looked like we had gone somewhere cool on spring break. We found that if we lay very flat on the hard, prickly salt crystal bed, it cut the wind enough that it actually felt warm. I believe we each received the desired result, although probably not exactly what we had in mind. A sunburn, on our knee caps and necks and noses.

Shar's memory
I remember getting a new dress every year. I loved one in particular. It was white with ruffled sleeves and different colored sashes to tie around the waist. I loved it because when I would spin, it went out really full.
I remember waking up on Easter morning and looking for our baskets which were always hiding. I loved the plastic bunnies, you know, the ones where the heads came off. I loved when they were filled with the bubble gum eggs. And I think I liked every candy, even the marshmellow peeps. Weird.

Jodie's thoughts
The Easter I remember best is..... not any!!. I always remember going to the BORING fabric store to pick out fabric so mom could make our dress.
And then getting new shoes. Looking for our Easter baskets that where hidden all over the house was always fun but the Easter lesson given
for a family home evening was always the best, assuming we made it through the lesson:) These traditions I still try to keep, not the fabric store
though, but I try to put more focus on the real meaning of Easter and the Saviors life and atonement. How greatful I have become to know the blessings that
come from true repentance and the love and guidance that comes from the gospel. What awesome parents we have that have taught us these things and
the Holy Ghost that guides and prompts us each day. I am thankful for a great family that helps along the way.
With love,

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